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Small spaces have the biggest potential

Small space planning can be difficult as there's so much to consider. What size furniture can I fit without making the space look cramped? How am I going to have enough storage for my 832634 pairs of shoes? Or, how can I possibly live, eat, work and sleep in this space and not feel claustrophobic?

There are a few simple tips to help you get started with getting the most out of your small space.

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Tip 1: Consider multi-functional rooms

As much as we would love to have a separate office, gym, yoga room, and snug, it's not always possible. However with some careful planning there are ways you can maximise your space so you can incorporate all of these functions into one space. For example, doubling up a small workspace as a dressing table. Using a sofa bed as a snug area and spare bed for guests. Turn a spare corner into a reading nook with a small chair, and floor lamp. Or even turning a baby changing table into an ironing board - the possibilities are endless!

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Tip 2: Zone in

Create different zones within your space by using rugs, sectional seating, or using storage units, or benches and console tables as room dividers. This will help create distinct purposes for each area and stop different areas overflowing into one another.

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Tip 3: Keep things light and airy

It's as simple as that. If you want your space to look bigger use light colours so the natural light can reflect off the walls and furniture more. Strategic placement of mirrors can also help with this.

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Tip 4: Get the legs out

Using more furniture with legs is an easy way to make any space feel lighter and larger. It makes the space feel elevated and creates a balance with other heavier grounded furniture.

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