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First impressions last so make them count

Before even entering your home you are making an impression. This impression is setting the tone for your friends, family before they even walk through the door, but most importantly you are creating a vibe for yourself.

After a long hard day at work, or a drunken night out what do you want to see. A plain door with no life or character? Or would you rather see a door with a beautiful wreath welcoming you into your humble abode. I know which one I'd pick...

It never really occured to me until I bought a door wreath at Christmas. It was so beautiful and delicate, and gave me that 'at home' feeling before I even opened the door. We got so many compliments that even after Christmas was over, I didn't want to take it down.

Instead I thought, why not have wreaths all year round which we change up with the seasons. So as we spring into the next season, here are a few beautiful wreaths to inspire you...

Which one is your favourite?

Photo credit: Pinterest

Love Poonam x



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