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Take a moment to reflect how far you've really come

When decorating a room, mirrors really are your secret weapon. They are multi-faceted as they amplify light and space, and can often make narrow spaces appear much bigger. Here are a few ideas on where to strategically place your place mirrors throughout your home:

Photo credit: Pinterest

Tip 1 - The bigger the better

Oversized mirrors make a statement, and add drama to a room, and are perfect for transition areas of your home such as hallways and corridors. Grand leaning mirrors can also add a serious wow factor to a space (also also cover up any design dilemmas along the way). They are great for placing on a wall at the end of a bed, or even in a dining room behind the head of the table.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Tip 2 - Let there be light

To let light into a room simply place a mirror opposite or adjacent to a window to increase the amount of natural light cast into the room, and remember - the bigger the mirror the brighter the space.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Tip 3 - To the window, the the wall

Got a windowless room? Add a mirror behind lamp in the room to create a window illusion.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Tip 4 - Bring the inside out

Mirrors aren't just for inside the home, they can look fab among greenery on a garden wall too.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Tip 5 - Multiply

Got a blank wall? Double, Triple or quadrupile up on your mirrors to add more artsy vibe and create a sense of balance within a room

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