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We all bring something different to the table, that's why it works

Ok so you've bought all of the furniture for your home, spent hours doing DIY and putting it all together but something just doesn't look right. Well, let me tell you that picking the right furniture is only part of the puzzle. Next is the process of styling everything to give your home a personality.

Let's start with the basics and coffee table styling. A coffee table serves different functions for everyone, for some it's a display area for oraments and accessories, and for others it's simply just a convenient space to place your coffee, store your remote controls, newspapers etc. Regardless of what you use your coffee table for, I wanted to share some tips with you on how to ensure it looks stylish in your home.

Photo credit: Pinterest

1. Coffee table books

Stack up a couple of oversized coffee table books to add layers. These can be anything from recipe books, hardback travel or sports books or designer fashion. Keep these personal to your interests as it's a great way of showcasing your personality through your interiors.

Photo credit: Pinterest

2. One statement item

Find one item that is stand out such as a vase, sculpture or bowl. This will give your table that stylish element, and will elevate the room.

Photo credit: Pinterest

3. Keep organised

Use a tray to present items together and keep your table organised.

Photo credit: Pinterest

4. Get nature involved

It's the simplest concept, but adding fresh flowers or greenery such as a moss bowl or foliage stems add some fresh energy to your table.

Photo credit: Pinterest

5. Texturise

Don't be afraid to mix up textures here. Mixing up hard materials such as glass and metal with timber or woven material will make your coffee table look much more interesting

Photo credit: Pinterest

6. Get High. Get low

This is exactly what it says on the tin. Play around with height and scale. If you have too many items of the same height then your display will begin to look flat. It works well to have at least one tall item such as a candle stick, or orchid to add some dimension.

Love Poonam x




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